Policy of the Quality and Environment

We operate in a market characterized by strong evolution dynamics.

In this contest, our referring points are the Customer and the Environment protection: they are and must stay in the centre of our attention.

Our principal scope is to “satisfy the Customer’s needs without forget the needs of the Environment which surrounds us”: its success determines the success of our organization.

CT PACK distinguish itself for the creativity, flexibility, ability to listen and satisfy the necessities coming from the markets.

Today, our idea to face and solve the customer’s exigencies, is based on the adoption of one organization model correctly structured to gain a modern and integrated control of the Quality and the Environment and to guarantee continuity and uniformity among times.

Among our Customers, we can count International Industrial Groups and world Leaders, who ask us for guaranteeing the protection and respect of specific and severe standards, which shall be as the International reference for  Quality, Environment, Hygiene and Safety, and which recognize that our solutions are Innovative, Reliable, Credible and that we are able to meet the commitments.

The Development of our integrative organization model refers to the System of Managing  for the Quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and the System of Sustainability of the Environment UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, with instruments which allow us to build our realty with the aim to become better and better, while keeping respected all the actors of our process: Customers, Environment, Agents, Suppliers, the Human Resources inside our organization.

CT PACK dedicates all its efforts:

  • identifying the relevant legislation on environmental and safety by subjecting it to regular review so that is always consistent, using the support of institutions specializing in consulting and research companies;
  • creating greater awareness on significant environmental aspects, through training and staff training, meetings with associations, provinces, municipalities and other bodies of the territory;
  •  with a clear definition of responsibilities, duties and responsibilities assigned to each person within the company, to contribute to a greater civic sense, in respect of health and safety of colleagues and the environment around us;
  • with the periodic review process and the Integrated Management System to keep pace with the dynamic realities of CT PACK;
  • taking swift action to curb emergency situations and correct the source to build a system based on prevention;
  • When communicating to suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to improve the requirements necessary to achieve an ethically responsible social status;
  • properly managing waste, using a licensed contractor and implementing the collection;
  • protecting public waters by making frequent sampling of discharges to ensure full compliance with limits;

The company wants our ability to be in line with the commitments and expectations of the market.

Our personal commitment is associated with the efforts of all departments, so that these objectives / principles are adhered to, with a systematic check of their achievement.

Progress, being a leader, to reach our goals and customer satisfaction, require the commitment and adherence of each of us.

Gino Cocchi

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