10 January 2018

New Smart Robot co-financed with european regional development funds

New parallel and parametric modular (Delta) robot

CT Pack has been selected to receive contributions from POR FESR 2014-2020, the European regional development funds program, to develop a new smart robot project.  

The competitive awards are allocated to projects in various sectors, including technical Research & Development — a field in which CT Pack is a key player.

The company’s proposed project involves development of a parallel and parametric modular (Delta) robot with high load capacity and intelligence.

The new robot is designed for more efficient use of smart-grip multigrippers and will be equipped with a unified control system for management of picking, placing and multigripper (smart picking) strategies.

The deltas will be distinguished by a modular composition and structure, increased load capacity and complete integration. They will also be fully open to all possible vision systems for product acquisition (IR systems, X-Ray, 3D vision) and cost reduction.


The projected contribution of about EUR 150,000 is aimed at increasing the economic profile and attractiveness of Emilia Romagna, a region that is known for strong growth. 

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