CT PACK was founded at the end of 1996 with the aim to create a leading company in the food wrapping and packaging sector.
To pursue this ambitious project the owner Gino Cocchi has integrated the new company with the experience offered by 3 world leading firms: Mopa (leader in product feeding & streaming systems), Otem (leader in horizontal single and multi-lane flow pack machines) and Vortex Systems (leader in robotized systems for handling, boxing or case packing of products at high speed).


At the root of CT PACK’s industrial and strategic objectives there is the combination of the best Italian solutions in the above mentioned fields, to offer its customers totally integrated packaging lines, designed and built by a sole team having multidisciplinary skills.
In the actually high competitive market, CT PACK always satisfies the requests and needs of by providing the same to rely on a serious business, professional and prepared and that both partners of each manufacturer, providing highly personalized and complete lines.

CT PACK s.r.l.
Registered office
Via Della Solidarieta' 2/1
40056 Crespellano (BO)
P.I. IT00425280385

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